ICO Ecsetir’on Brush Pen Set of 24 Colours

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The ICO Brush Pen is a uniquely designed, fibre brush pen filled with water-based ink, suitable for drawing, sketching, colouring, lettering, illustrations and calligraphy. The flexible Japanese brush-style-tip can write in 1-3 mm lines and enables soft strokes just as with a paintbrush. The fibre pen made in the European Union with regulated ventilated safety cap also keeps the ink in good condition. These brush pens are available in 24 colours.

Use these pens to create beautiful and colourful creations and enhance your creativity. Pens are pigmented using pigment ink which is extremely lightfast / permanent. These Brush Pens are also suitable for filling in large and small areas in Adult Colouring Books.

Using Watercolour brush pens you can make or model cardboard vehicles, animals, picture frames, etc., with the colour of your interest or decorative cardboard to assemble and creative frames, albums or scrapbooks.

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