Fine Art Painting Round Brushes Set of 7


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Ergonomic Grip – The wooden handle on these painting brushes feature an ergonomic and comfortable grip. It makes sure that hands don’t get tired and lets artists stay in the zone for longer periods of time.
Aluminum-Ferrules – Cutting-edge aluminum-ferrules are clamped onto this brush set, thus preventing any loose hairs or flaking of the paints.
Designed for creative enthusiasts – These paint brushes are designed for anyone with a creative flair. it doesn’t matter if it’s a beginner or advanced artist, they can be dipped into various paints and used without worrying about any breaking or flaking.
Smooth Painting Experience – The brushes glide smoothly on canvas pads for painting and hold a good amount of liquid. This means more painting and less refilling, thus giving artists more time to indulge in their work.
Experiment with Creative projects – The paintbrushes aren’t just designed for working with acrylics. They can be used with oil paints, water colours and mixed media. Splash colours onto the canvas using these brushes and play with the variety. Young minds will love it.

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